We all start somewhere.

It’s fitting to think of launching a new media company – a podcast – a blog – while at the same time launching a baby out into the world. How’s that for timing?

Here’s the thing – I’ve grown up having this feeling… More like desire / passion / drive to capture stories of particular people. I say “particular” because it’s actually been a specific type of people that has fascinated me – particularly – old successful people. People who have hit their prime – and moved on to their last leg. Not in a negative way – or with a grudge – but just last leg and last part of their lives.

I remember a few moments as a child – I can’t remember whether it was my grandparents anniversary or a funeral reception – ironic I guess – but it was a moment where my grandpa and his twin sister were telling stories about life in the depression. Stories of them growing up. Bouncing back and forth between them – of moments you could tell they both knew well and remembered fondly. Some memories not so fond as well. The one thing I also remember – this nagging feeling like I should be – more so I wish and long I could be – recording their voices and inflections as they shared their stories.

We all knew, or at minimum could have figured out, that the days of them being around together were more than likely limited. Perhaps I’m the only one that’s ever thought this – but how cool would it have been to have their stories beautifully captured (ideally on camera) but even just audio would be incredible.

The funny thing I think about when it comes to “old successful people” is that it’s more about their life – their living – their family – their relationships – their legacy that frames the success. To me – they were the picture of a lasting marriage that indeed lasted till death did they part.

Today my goal isn’t necessarily to capture stories just of old successful people but of successful people in general. I want to capture their stories – capture what they have to share – their wins and their losses and lessons along the way. There are so many lessons we can learn without having to repeat their mistakes – if we only take the time to listen.

I want to listen to those stories – to discern those lessons – and to share them with people that are interested in learning from rather than repeating mankinds history. Particularly related to success, I am interested in the monetary aspect because I think money does bring unique opportunities to those that possess it. For instance – if you want to improve education and you have money – you could offer education grants or build schools and fill them with books in places without electricity. If you are Bill Gates and you want to irradicate certain diseases – you can use your wealth to fund research and really make an impact on millions of lives. If you have money and want to help your church fund a community outreach center feeding the homeless in your area – your single annonymous donation could fund the program for years to come impacting countless lives in your own community. All of these things – come from an excess of money.

So weird that people often feel weird talking about this type of thing – or at least the unsexy side of saving more than we spend – investing and growing – working and leveraging – scaling businesses and building our future. I’m not sure how half of it all works – but I do know that I want to figure at least some of it out. Enough, perhaps just enough, to make it work. Not only though for myself, but for others just like you. You – the person reading these words right now.

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