Time for the entrepreneur is an interesting topic. Certain days there seems to be endless activities with not a spare second for creativity – then the next day you’ve got meetings and time flows effortlessly. Some days I get a TON of tasks done while others seem like I barely even looked at my task list.

One big step I took was getting a remote office downtown to be out of my house for a change. It might not be where I actually spend most of my time – but when I am there I’m focused. When I’m “at work” – I’m in work mode.

Time – I used to think of it like this commodity. Perhaps like a bottle of water, time was a commodity that we all had equal amounts of at the beginning of each day. Some people were just more efficient and were able to get more done – while others wasted theirs. Lately however – I’ve began (still figuring it out) that time for the entrepreneur is more like a waterfall. It’s not so much the one bit of water that matters – or the vastness of water that runs by over the course of a day – it’s really about what you do with the water that’s passing over you. Some people use the waterfall to generate electricity – some take the falling water and pump it through pipes to water fields miles away – some use it to power giant grain mills that crush seeds into flour – while others just let the water pass over them. Worse – some complain about the water passing over them and claim that they are “oppressed – disadvantaged – looked down on – marginalized – worthless”. Some get bitter and resentful towards those evil few that took risks to turn that water into an opportunity – and found success.

On that scale – where do you fall?

I think I’m somewhere in between. I’m not crushing it yet – but I’m not giving excuses for why I’m not in the 1% either. Perhaps I’m “lucky” to have parents who gave of themselves to better my life to be full of curiousity, confidence, understanding, and an outgoing personality, but I wasn’t given a golden spoon either. Since I was 12 I’ve been working my butt off to get where I am today – and I’m figuring things out by gollie.

I’m pushing against the current right now – the demands of 2 kids and another any day now – to plan, impliment, iterate, improve, launch, grow, and repeat. I’m taking the steps to launch this podcast because I believe in helping highlight those who are changing the world – those that have moved from success to significance – those that are making a difference.

Casket Media is going to be your inspiration and encouragement because it is time for the entrepreneur to stand up and make this the year your life changed. If that resonates with you – if you think this just might be the year you finally take that step you’ve been putting off for so long – take the baby step now and enter your email to sign up for the launch team. There will be valuable gifts and tips to change your life – coming soon.