Time for the entrepreneur – part 2.

This almost didn’t happen. Seriously – it’s nearly midnight and I’ve been up for close to 18 hours. Yet it’s funny how you make time for the things you value – even if push comes to shove and you run “out of time” – you make it happen even when you have to stay up late.

Today was one of those days where you work fast and hard – then you sit on your bum.

It started out with the fact that our daycare lady was taking a random mid-week Thursday vacation day. Odd since it’s our last week with her since my wife will be staying home with the kids once this baby #3 decides to push her way out. So Thursday started like any other Thursday with my weekly business networking group (The Networking Co-op), except Great Grandma was over to play with the girls while I got some work done and had my meeting.

Enter: Rush Scene. [Entrepreneur rushes to his office to get as much as humanly possible accomplished in 95 minutes then drives home to relieve Grandma – picking up lunch and a flower for his wife to surprise her later] /Rush

Enter: Rainy Day Scene [Entrepreneur sitting on living room wood floor with 50 wood blocks, numerous Disney princess dresses, and other fun 3 year old activities surrounding him while 2 energetic girls run around and squeal like (you guessed it) only little girls can.

The weird thing wasn’t even the dichotomy of fast / slow, highly efficient to zero efficient, but the mindset shift. One moment I was thinking about work – the next I’m fighting to only think about blocks (the wood ones not mental ones).

Family IS more important to me than work. Everything I do (eventually) is designed to fit around my family as much as possible. From my shift from weekend wedding work to mid week corporate projects – to my remote office to get out of my house more frequently.

My challenge is to you reading this is to ask yourself: what makes me feel uncomfortable just sitting there. Have you identified any family situations you feel torn about?

I’ll wrap it with this – the reason I said this shouldn’t have happened but did – we make time and accomplish what we want to or say we can and will. We “rise to the occasion”  – and for me I’ve set out to learn the art of writing and content generation. Fun or not – that’s the goal. No matter your goal – if you value it enough (over sleep at least) then you can accomplish it. Just DO IT!!