I’m struggling to find my WHY, but I did find a cemetary. Let me explain.

Right now I’m parked in my car on a curved road going up around a hill of large evergreens with headstones as far as my eyes can see. Sitting here with my windows rolled down and the warm spring breeze parked in the shade of one of those evergreens.

I don’t know why I am here – which counts for both being parked here as well as my life.

When I say “I dont’ know why I am here” it doesn’t refer to today or tomorrow or yesterday – I don’t struggle with the “how things are done” part of the word as much as the year, decade, and life in it’s entirety.

Chris Rice wrote a song about life – and how “it’s the dash in between”. Listen to it if you haven’t – it’s catch despite being a little old. Listen to it before going on actually. Listen now.

OK, so let’s think about what he talked about from where I’m sitting. Right now I’m looking at a head stone with small print – it’s hard to make out – but I can almost guarantee one thing – there’s a dash between two numbers.

Right now – you and me – we’re a dash – so is everyone we know and talk to and work with and hang out with and do life with. We’re all at that dash.

So I’m sitting here at this Catholic cemetary in South Minneapolis and an older gentleman pulls up in his blue Prius – nice gentleman – he shares with me how his son was killed and is burried off and to my right – just through those trees. He was just 19 – a student at a Bible college here in town – Northwestern – the college my church has a service every Sunday at.

He was in his dash.

One night after leaving a party here in South Minneapolis somehow (I lost track in slight shock), something involving a gang), he made it to his car but was shot.

I wonder what his WHY was.

Thinking of all the numerous dashes around not only this cemetary but all of the cemetaries in the world – I wonder what their stories are – and what the purpose of those dashes were. I think of the couples – together for so long – and those babies that passed away so young…

What will my story be? What is my WHY? That final number IS going to come – the dash will no longer the end.

I’ve given up with just letting time fall through the cracks. There is a reason for my dash – there’s a reason for your dash.

Stay with me on this journey of Casket Media podcast & blog and let’s try and figure it out.